Tuesday, November 27, 2007

air ball

So my curiosity got the better of me. I joined Facebook. See, sometimes I like to follow the links from outside pages to "The Underwear Drawer" just to see what people are saying. Like if I'm on someone's so-called "blogroll" (I'm sorry, being old skool as I am I just really hate that word, "blog"), or if they're just saying that I stink or whatever. So lately I've been getting a good number of links in from Facebook--I don't know if it's all one person's page, or if it's a bunch of different people, but I was curious and wanted to see from whence all these referrals were originating. (Perhaps underlying this curiosity is a secret, high-schoolish fear that somewhere out there, people are saying that I'm lame. I don't know who. People. If you think I'm lame, please feel free to do in your head so with my blessings, because mostly I agree--but just don't tell me about it. I will probably obsess over it for days.)

Anyway, the outside link referred to someone's personal Facebook page, which I couldn't read unless I joined Facebook. So I signed up. But now that I joined, I realized I couldn't read the page anyway because I wasn't this person's "friend." Well, of course I'm not her friend, I don't even know her. I just wanted to see how she (or he?) was referring people to my webpage. And also if they thought I was lame. But really, I don't want to know anyway, it's just--how can you not want to look a little bit? This is my downfall. Curiosity and the cat and all that.

So now I have this Facebook account that I have no idea what to do with, and it was fun for the first few seconds spying on people that I went to high school with, seeing what kind of high-powered jobs they have and whatnot, but...now what? This is it? Is this supposed to be some sort of dating thing? I made Caleb (one of my co-residents--hi, Caleb) explain it to me one day on call, but still, I don't really get it. I fear the technology! I am the Unabomber! And the worst part is, when I click on the "Friends" tab on my Facebook account, it says there, right in white and grey, "YOU DON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS." Wow, thanks, Facebook. You've really made me feel wonderful.

I'm having quite a productive vacation so far.