Thursday, November 29, 2007

office rental for the price of coffee

You'd think that being on vacation, with so much free time, I would finally have a chance to get some damn work done around here, but so far I haven't been able to do much of anything this week. Ironically, the less free time I have, the more I'm able to make do with the little scraps of time I have here and there. Maybe because my mind is already in regimented work mode. OK, I have half an hour, so I should do this! Now I'll do that! Now I'll blow my captain's whistle and summon Cal down the stairs for bathtime! And no singing or delightful childlike revels! My children do not sing in public!

Thankfully, Joe was off today and offered to take Cal to the park for a few hours so I could hide out at Starbucks and get some writing done. Nice. I am now a living stereotype, writing my book at a table in Starbucks. Feel free to mock me. It took me a little while to get warmed up, but then I got on a little roll. Just in time for Joe and Cal to stop by on their way home.

To be fair, Joe did ask first if they should stop by. But there's no really good answer to that. I did want to see them, first of all, and if I told them not to come by, then I was Mean Mother. But if they did stop by, then there would be the disruption of my aforementioned roll, followed by the inevitable screaming of "Mama! Mama!" when Joe tried to take Cal home without me so that I could finish my bidness. Just like some damn scene out of "Miss Saigon."

I'm sorry, Starbucks, that you were subjected to our family psychodrama. Please know that I did not actually want to eat that egg salad sandwich, and only bought it out of guilt.