Monday, December 03, 2007

back to work

I'm back at work today, on call tonight. The good thing about taking overnight call as a senior is that sometimes you get to come into work late. Like most, I like to treat myself on these days. Wake up a little late, our nanny comes mid-morning and whisks Cal off to More Fun Activities Than I Could Ever Lead (today they're off to the zoo to give high-fives to the inhabitants of the monkey house), and I take a nice walk across town, have a leisurely solo lunch, and hit the medical campus library for a few hours, where I relax, do some reading, writing, whatnot. That's where I am right now, in fact. Hello, medical students! How's studying for finals going?

I am doing my relaxing now, because I think that my post-call day is going to be a little less free-wheeling. The second I get off work, I am heading into midtown to the DMV, where I will be renewing my New York State's learner's permit for the second time. Yes, I first got my learner's permit in 1998, and I have not yet gotten my driver's license. What of it?

Anyway, DMV tomorrow. As if this isn't one of life's least delightful post-call activities, it will also probably be the worst ID picture I've ever taken.