Saturday, December 15, 2007

prep school

So we recently enrolled Cal in this class at our local kid's playcenter. It is billed as a two year-old playgroup cum preschool preparation class, where kids go in, have circle time, story time, science time, crayon-eating time, what have you, and get used to being around other kids, listening to a teacher, the whole preschool environment. Emphasized is the "gradual separation" component to it (which is the main reason we signed Cal up--some kids jump into new situations with gusto, but he's more of the type that goes into his legwarmer impersonation and starts begging to leave), where week by week, the kids get used to being alone with a teacher and the other kids, away from the primary caregivers. What the hell, he's been taking music and art classes for more than a year now, this will be an extension of the same, and anyway, he needs to do something in the winter, since it's so cold outside.

It's a 90-minute class, and I tried to get him in for the twice-a-week program, but it seems like we were a little behind the curve in signing up, and I could only squeeze him in once a week, on Wednesday.

Could I get on the waitlist for one of the other classes?
In case a spot opens up, so he could maybe go twice a week?

Sure. We have additional two year-old classroom time on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Which class do you want to be on the waitlist for?

Doesn't really matter. Can I put him on the waitlist for both?
We'll take either, if someone drops out.

OK, I'll take care of that. (Typing noises) OK then, Cal's enrolled for Wednesdays,
and he's on the waitlist for both Tuesdays and Fridays.


After I hung up, I realized: we have put our son on a waitlist for a preschool prep course. We are now officially ridiculous.


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