Sunday, January 27, 2008

now and forever

Every, oh, two years or so, I get it in my mind that we should get a cat. I am not, for the record, a cat person. I know some people love cats for the very reason I dislike them. The cat's aloof countenance and fey qualities leads some people to think, now there's an animal that needs me to WORK for its love, and accordingly, they fall into line. However, I am more drawn to the straightforward lack of pretension that dogs possess. Well, most dogs, certain toy breeds excluded.

But sometimes, I cross paths with a cat, and you know, cats can be cute occasionally, and I get this idea in my head that WE SHOULD GET A CAT. We could get a kitten, one who is still malleable, and bring him home to meet Cooper. They would become friends, Cooper channeling all her thwarted mothering instincts towards this tiny creature. Cal loves all animals, so he would be on board. And we would all live happily together, like on some damn hippie commune, people and animals together. Perhaps there would be a banjo.

Today, we went to visit our neighbors, who just adopted two kittens from the local animal shelter. The kittens are from the same litter, one is extremely shy, and the other a little more of a lap cat. Being very friendly people, our neighbors invited Cal over to visit the kittens, and spent much of the visit showing Joe how to play some rabbit-based shoot-em-up game on their Wii. While I was watching rabbits being pulverized and while Cal was busy rearranging their decor, the more social of the two kittens climbed into my lap and started snuggling with me. At which point I decided that CATS WERE ADORABLE and that WE SHOULD ADOPT ONE IMMEDIATELY.

And, as also happens every two years, I promptly started sneezing and broke out in hives. After which point I remembered why we don't have a cat in the first place.

(Photo credit from, OF COURSE.)