Thursday, February 07, 2008

i believe this is known as "gibbering"

I think you can always tell which nights I'm on call, because a.) my daily post goes up very late, close to midnight, and b.) it does not make much sense. Like today, I will post these pictures of electrical thingies (technical speak) on the sides of buildings on the medical campus that look like other things.

Googly eyes. And below:

Robot faces. The one eye lit up, especially, looks like the Borg. Yes, I referenced THE BORG, what of it? I am a nerd! Why are they so advanced and yet fly around space in a cube, one of the least aerodynamic shapes possible? These are the unanswered questions.

OK, gotta go to sleep. I was only (ha, "only") short call today, which means that I don't get post-call day off, which means that even though I left work very, very late, I still have to go in and work again ALL DAY TOMORROW. Such is life.