Monday, March 24, 2008

the return

Hello there. Back in New York. Sorry for the long silence, but there was no free wireless internet at any of the hotels we stayed at. Actually, one of the hotels only had dial-up internet connectivity, which I haven't used since, like, before college, back when we used to wear pelts and beat at the ground with clubs fashioned from animal bones. My laptop doesn't even have a dial-up modem anywhere in it. So, to recap: NO INTERNET.

I could go through the whole review of what we did while we were away, but you can just look at the pictures yourself here. (Specifically, Disneyworld here and Atlanta here--about which more later.) The conference was all good fun, but I won't bore you with the details, because unless you're some sort of anesthesia conference connoisseur I can just tell you that there were lectures and coffee and free drug pens, just like any other conference you've ever attended. (Of some interest: the tote bags were giveaways from a company that supplies some of our volatile anesthetics, and sported this slogan: "The Right Gas For The Right Reason." Niche market, there.)

After the conference, I took two days to take care of some professional business in Atlanta, and stayed in town through Sunday to attend my cousin's wedding. Cal was the ringbearer.


The wedding itself was beautiful, and in terms of Cal's role in it, I would say he was marginally cooperative. He was supposed to walk down the aisle holding the flower girl's hand, but he didn't meet her until the day of, and kept shooting her these, "I don't know you, lady" looks, which did not bode well for her actually following her anywhere, in any direction. It didn't matter anyway, because she ditched him before the walk, scuttling down the aisle about five feet ahead, clutching her basket of petals as though being apprehended. I attempted to point him in the right direction on his own (a carrot on a stick may have helped--rather, substitute carrot with chocolate, or possibly a Wiggles DVDVDVD) but finally, fearing an overlong delay not built into the harpist's medly, I ended up walking down the aisle with him myself. At least I didn't have to carry him.

Anyway. Full wedding picture set here, for those who like to look at pictures of other people getting married, or for more pictures of Cal freaking out in a tux. I can't believe they make tuxes for three year-olds. He looked like a tiny little 1950's stand up comedian after a late night set at the Ha Ha Factory.

I have been away for far too many days, and am working nights for the next week, so now I need to get out there (there meaning The World) and get some damn work done. But it's good to be back.

Postscript: I had missed this earlier, because (see above) NO INTERNET ACCESS, but apparently you have two more days to catch the tail end of the Threadless Spring Sale. There is a range to the price of the sale shirts--they're not all $10 like before, rather seem to range from $13 for some of the newer shirts to $9 for some of the older ones--but still, there are a good number of $9 shirts, and they have a lot more kid sizes now. Check it out, sale ends Wednesday.