Sunday, March 16, 2008

alive, but in florida

Hey! Sorry about the radio silence, but we left New York with my parents Friday night after work for an anesthesia conference in Orlando, and between getting in at 1:00am Saturday morning (delays, Laguardia style) and dragging around with some sort of viral pestilence all day yesterday (though not, thankfully, of the excretory variety), I have not had a chance to update. You understand, of course.

Joe's parents are in Florida this month too, because they are retired now and visiting Florida during the winter months is The Law. So they came down to our hotel yesterday afternoon and visited us for a few hours. With all this doting grandparental attention, Cal's going to leave this place thinking that he can walk on water.

Anyway, consider this a sign hung on the barn door. Gone Fishin'. Have fun, be back soon.