Thursday, March 13, 2008

they walked right into that one

Apparently, this new reality TV show "The Secret Life of a Soccer Mom" is raising some hackles. In short, it is a show wherein stay at home moms are offered the chance to try out their "dream careers" for a week, and at the end of that week, decide whether or not they want to pursue said career or continue to stay home with their kids. Dude, I could have told Bravo that this would instigate a shitstorm before the show even aired. Reads one infuriated commenter from the Bravo message boards: "Unless you're about to starve there is no reason for you to be at work. If you didn't want to raise your children, you should not have had them. It's child abandonment."

OK, so obviously people have strong feelings about this whole issue, and we've been through this before, so we don't need to rehash because you know which side of the fence I obviously fall on. But I can think of one possible other reason aside from starvation that I am at work.

Free coffee at the Pain Clinic.