Wednesday, April 30, 2008

southern exposure

So we got this air mattress. The air mattress is for the move, after we arrive at the new house. Do you call a town home a "house?" I guess technically it is not freestanding, but I even call apartments "houses," probably dating back to childhood when I'd go over to a friend's "house" or they'd come over to play at my "house," though really, we all lived in apartments. Anyway, end digression. Like I was saying, the air mattress is for after we arrive in Atlanta, but before our moving truck gets there, since there will likely be a two week lag-time between the two. It is this queen-sized air mattress that Joe found on Amazon, and it has a built-in pump and some sort of dual-chamber anti-leak system that will prevent it from slooooowly deflating during the night, so that we wake up smothered by a puddled pile of vinyl. I don't know how you can guarantee that anything air-filled will be leak-proof, but I assume there is a science to it all. Joe and I inflated the thing the other night, sort of a trial run while Cal was watching "Finding Nemo" (his new obsession), and it seems comfortable enough.

I am starting to get kind of excited about the move. While I am a little dismayed that the density of child-friendly venues is significantly less than we are used to in Manhattan (we currently live within walking distance of about ten reasonably maintained playgrounds, whereas in Atlanta, I think we will be able to make a long walk to two, one of which is the scary death playground), I am starting to get used to the idea that we will be living there for two years at the least, and getting revved up about the adventure aspect of if all. Some of the things I am getting excited about are fairly ridiculous (the convenience of having an washer and dryer included in our rental, for example. A laundry machine IN OUR OWN HOUSE? It boggles the mind! What will I do with all my hoarded quarters now?) but some others are monumental--the mixed thrill and apprehension of starting my first attending job, for instance. It's just exciting that, after three years of pretty much the same old thing, we're all going to be starting something completely new and different. It's scary in some ways, the unknown, but with most major variables locked down (save childcare), it leaves us a little room to be cautiously optimistic about things. And at least we're all doing it together. Family is handy that way.

So, purely for self-interest, I ask you this: for those of you who know Atlanta, what are some fun family activities that we can look forward to? We know about Piedmont Park and the Aquarium and the Children's Museum, of course, but what's the insider scoop? Any good playgrounds in the area, indoors or out? Any good places to visit that are off the beaten path? Any good pick-your-own-fruit orchards within an hour drive of the city? I think we are moving at the height of peach season, so I have hope that we will have able to have some fun with that. Hell, if we've gone peach-picking in New Jersey, there's got to be some good places in Georgia. Any not-for-tourist guidance would be appreciated.

And if anyone wants to visit, we have a great air mattress that you can sleep on.