Wednesday, July 09, 2008

age of aquarium/let the sunshine in

I am really glad that we got that Aquarium membership the last time we went, because it make it much easier to leave when, after about forty minutes (twenty of which were spent eating lunch and engaged in the standard do-you-have-to-go-pee-pee-no-I-don't-I-think-you-do tussle), Cal asked to leave.

"But Cal," I asked, "don't you want to see more fish?"

"We already saw fish," Cal answered, totally bored. Which means that if we had paid full admission and were to calculate the actual amount of time spent enjoying the exhibits, we would have spent...oh, upwards of $2.00 per minute enjoying that view of the hammerhead swimming laaaaazily about. Well, anyway, let's just say that the price of a yearly membership has already paid for itself. Especially since this is the exact same stunt that Cal pulled the last time we went to the Aquarium.

We spent a little time outdoors after lunch, playing in the playground at Centennial Park across the street, but it was sunny and humid and ninety frillion degrees outside, so this was not to be a good option after the first, oh, ten minutes. So instead, we crossed the street again (all this stuff is very close to each other down there--call it Kidz Korner) and headed to the Children's Museum.

Now, let me be the first to note that it is a little indulgent to call this place a "museum." An awesome indoor playground, perhaps. But I think that to call it a museum is pushing the definition a little bit. For example, would not a museum have to have a little more in the way of teaching some art or history or basic scientific principles, like how a pulley works, or how forces are distributed in an arch, or how food grows, instead of just having a pile of toys just strewn about in a giant room? To be clear, though--not that I'm complaining. Because it was really fun and the toys were really cool toys, and did I mention that the air conditioning was phenomenal. The New York Hall of Science it wasn't.

But believe you me, we will be back there. Probably tomorrow, if Cal has his way.

(Hey, remember when I used to be a doctor? Me too. That was fun.)