Thursday, July 10, 2008

das flor

After figuring out how we were actually supposed to receive oversized packages in a building without a doorman (I feared that it would requiring picking up the package at the post office or having the package received at The Workplace--but no, apparently if it's too big to fit in the mailbox, they'll just leave it in front of your door in the common hallway and trust that your neighbors won't steal it), I finally pulled the trigger and purchased these Flor tiles that we'd been eying for a few months. You can read about Flor if you want, I'm not getting paid by them or anything, but basically, it's modular carpeting that is very easy to clean, and I believe that they are made of recycled plastics or some such thing, though I have to admit that that matters less to me than the fact that they look good. That's right, I HATE THE PLANET. Not really. But sort of. You too, dolphins.

I originally ordered 25 tiles, figuring that I would make a 6-tile-by-4-tile rug over our future dining area (future because, as far as we know, our furniture is STILL IN NEW YORK...about which more later) with one extra tile left over in the case that if someone or someones decided to unload Bad Things on any one part of the carpet, so we could just swap out that square. However, upon laying down the carpet, I realized that it was actually a little small for the space, so instead of being one tile extra, we were three tiles short. Ah so.

Anyway, I ordered the three extra tiles (well, really four extra tiles for one to grow on, see above) and when they come, I'll actually install the thing with whatever sticky dots they included to make sure the carpeting doesn't go sliding all over the place. But I think it'll look nice. And hopefully keep the wood floors as unscuffed as possible, so we will not be losing our renter's deposit at the end of this thing. (Actually, with a dog and a three year old living here for the next two years, what are the chances that we will ever see that deposit again? Yeah, that's what I thought.)