Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Can someone explain to me why the serial glucose checks in the three hour glucose tolerance test can't be done by fingerstick? Honestly, if there's a good reason I'll totally buy into it, but since there was no real-time readout of my results and the lab people refused to look the results up for me (despite confirming that the results were, in fact, back from the central lab) it just means that I just spent three and a half hours sitting in the waiting room with absolutely no answers to show for it. So as for how the testing went, I guess it went...fine? In that I didn't die and was kept moderately entertained by the metric ton of electronics I toted along with me (iPod, laptop, etcetera). But in terms of how it went in a larger sense, stay tuned. I am hoping for the best but prepared for the worst--that is to say, ten to thirteen weeks of eating nothing but dry baked chicken breasts and whole grain amalgams fashioned into cracker-esque planks until this kid is born.

Anyway, my OB office is supposedly going to call me either this afternoon or tomorrow. And since this afternoon is over, I'm supposing that I won't have an answer until tomorrow mid-afternoon if I'm lucky, otherwise I will be calling their asses and demanding some answers, dammit, ANSWERS. Lord, I miss my old OB. Not only was her practice far more welcoming and responsive, but since she and I worked at the same hospital, getting my own medical information wasn't quite the ordeal that it appears to be now. Certainly one of the most galling things about being a patient when you're used to being a doctor is the loss of control.

(And, for the record, Joe actually does technically have access to the lab results, since he works at the [Academic Hospital] where my OB has her practice, but he can't check the results either because I'm not his patient, and I don't want him to get FIRED. Why, what would we do without his job and the extra $5 a month* that it brings in?]

* To be fair--also, the health insurance.