Wednesday, October 15, 2008


So, I don't have gestational diabetes! How was your day?

I won't bore you with the details of how I had to chase down someone at my OB's office, and how I have some serious doubts, given that there was no action that needed to be taken based on the results, that anyone ever would have phoned me to tell me that I was in the clear, at least until my next office appointment. But never you mind about that. I passed the glucose tolerance test. Ling Ling is not a macrosomic sugar baby, he is just huge because he is a mutant. How comforting to us all.

I guess it probably wasn't the best idea to have Carbs Ahoy for breakfast the day of my initial glucose screening test, but since they explicitly told me that I didn't need to be fasting, and since I didn't get to my appointment until the afternoon, I figured that it could do no harm. WRONG. Wasted a perfectly gorgeous early day off work yesterday sitting in a hospital waiting room, right next to a TV that kept playing commercials from local law firms insisting that if you have ever had a bad outcome related in the course of your medical care, ever, then you should be calling this toll free number to sue your doctor for CASH MONEY.

Also, I have four gratuitous holes in my arms.

Well anyway, all's well that ends well. And now, on to more pressing matters. That is: given that my vote is all but cast and I would merely be tuning in for the spectacle of a potential major gaffe, should I watch the last of the presidential debates tonight, or watch the finale of Project Runway? And, more importantly, will I be able to stay up late enough to even make that decision?