Sunday, April 04, 2010

now where's the part where the clucking bunny poops cadbury creme eggs?

So Cal had a good time with the Easter egg hunt, so much so that he asked if I would re-hide the eggs so that he could find them again. I figured, what the hell. (We ended up doing it three time.)

Good thing we're not playing that "Easter Bunny" ruse, or else Cal may have been tipped off by the fact that said bunny apparently does all his basket shopping at Target and somehow forgot to remove the price tag. That's because he wants you to know how much he spent, Cal! The Easter Bunny loves you $1.99 worth of love units.

Also, if you thought that it was bad enough that our Christmas tree is up, check this out...

Think of it this way: six months early for next Halloween.


  1. really, your house just resides in a time warp that is one big never-ending holiday. love it. nothing wrong with it.

  2. When I was a kid, I'd ask my parents to hide eggs for me repeatedly. For a week. Occasionally we'd not be able to locate one, only to find it with our noses a couple of weeks later.

    Consider yourselves lucky.

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM

    I have a spring door mat inside the house, a fall one outside same said door, garland along the stiarcase,etc.... Glad I am not the only one who celebrates all seasons at once :)

  4. Anonymous4:54 PM

    LOVE the pictures! They're so awesome!

    Happy Easter, Joe, Michelle, Cal & Mack! Glad the boys had lots of fun!

  5. Anonymous9:55 PM

    Heck, at least you get the holiday stuff up. I'm just as likely to forget until after the holiday is over and say, "well, maybe next year..."

  6. I didn't even think you were living at that house last halloween.

  7. Anonymous12:24 AM

    but, why didn't Mac get an Easter shout-out? :(

  8. Anonymous12:26 AM

    Still waiting for that "all about Mack" post some time, seems like, for obvious reasons, that we all know a lot more about Cal. I'm still curious about how you picked Mack's name! :)

  9. Anonymous4:59 PM

    At least Cal goes egg hunting outside! When I was his age, I remember finding eggs in the basement around Xmas time the same year...hmmm

    On the Boo mat- 10 points for being festive!

  10. Anonymous1:37 PM

    Under the dark of night, my mom once hid an easter egg in a pile of dog shit. "The perfect little mound."

  11. Hi! Random stranger here!

    I did a google search for a photo of an "old lady cart" to reference in MY blog, since my non-NY friends may not know what I was talking about, and I came across your blog and used it as a reference in mine ( ).

    Anyway, I read some of your newer entries and enjoyed them, so I figured i'd say hi! :)

  12. We took our Christmas lights down the day before Easter, and my kid also asked us to "hide" eggs more than one, while she was watching...