Sunday, October 17, 2010

and now, some gourds

Now hear this! Cal likes gourds!

Mack, meanwhile, merely tolerates their presence.

Say what you will about the summers in Atlanta (OK, I'll say it for you: way too hot, monstrous mosquitos, lasts about three months too long) or the winters (cold enough to be uncomfortable but not cold enough to snow) or the spring (oh my god the pollen, THE POLLEN) but the fall? The fall here is gorgeous.

(We were at the botanical garden, by the way, not just some random gourd factory. Also, the flowers were professional flowers, not just spontaneously sprouting outside our front door. I said it was nice here in the fall, but it's not freaking Shangri-la.)


  1. Heidi7:49 PM

    Maybe you've already seen this, but...

  2. Yay Gourds!

    The 4th photo from the top isn't a gourd though, it's a potato squash, which is edible!

  3. they are starting to look like BROTHERS. love the photos. mack prefers to hold his bus. ha!

  4. Mack appears to be suspicious of the gourds.

  5. Hey Michelle! I just found your blog this weekend and I love it! I'm a first year medical student, so obviously, I'm a big nerd and find this subject matter fascinating. I wasn't going to comment just yet, but I had to share that I just saw two of my third year friends (both on surgery rotation) literally acting out one of your cartoons. One was shuttling a lab specimen in her coat, to which I replied, "There's a lab in this building?" (Oh yes, there IS!) The other was hogging the printer in the she printed some 30 page journal article and apologized to those around her for taking so long. LOL. It was just like a Michelle Au cartoon! Anyway, I love your writing and can't wait for your book! :)

  6. Anonymous2:26 PM

    Are you moving back to NYC or are you staying in Atlanta? :)