Monday, February 21, 2011


Every visit to New York seems too short, which I guess is the name of the game when you visit a place where you kind of still wished you lived. We're still missing Mack and Joe like crazy, of course. However, Joe very kindly e-mailed me this little home movie last night that mitigated our homesickness somewhat.

Yesterday, as those who follow my Twitter are aware, we went to the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn Heights, where I exercised my penchant for making Cal pose alternately as an abandoned child or a talentless stripper on a variety of vintage subway trains. We had a good time.

Cal, hanging tough with some TNT. 'Sup, fool.

Also, this comparison from the last time we took Cal to the same museum about three years ago. Sunrise, sunset.

I did not dress him in the same colors on purpose, but I guess I just have a penchant for orange jackets and turquoise neckwear. (Actually, the orange jackets is kind of on purpose--I like to make sure my kids are easy to spot in crowded places. And putting a road cone on their heads seems excessive.)

(View full photo set here.)

* * *

Thank you to all that people who LIKED my book page and who friended me on Facebook. I had my Twitter and my Facebook linked for a little while (hence all the links to TwitPic a few days ago) but then it kind of stopped linking, which was perhaps a blessing in disguise as it's possible that could have been annoying for some people. MODERN DAY PROBLEMS, am I right, people? And what's the deal with answering machines, anyway? All those little cassette tapes!

Anyway, I have some ideas for some new content coming up in advance for the book release (it's all just sweet dreams in my head right now, but early hints: it involves video) so I appreciate having the maximum number of ways to reach everyone, even if I'm still working out the kinks in straddling accessibility and annoying ubiquity. Needless to say, watch this space.


  1. Haha, "talentless stripper"! I think some people take themselves and their mommy blogs too seriously--I like how you are witty instead.

  2. I hope you'll still be blogging when Cal is old enough to go "omg, i can't believe my mom took those pictures of me and put it on her blog." That would be awesome.

  3. I went to "friend you" as per the last post, but then got the "Please only send this request if you know Michelle personally" pop up and I got all awkward about it. Blog following and buying a scutmonkey t-shirt 5 years ago doesn't really count, does it? What's the Facebook etiquette here?

  4. Resident--it's OK, just send the friend request, I will confirm it.

  5. Libby7:13 PM

    I think I'm going to want to see a photo of Cal in the same spot - with his Columbia Med School Cap & Gown - and then with his own kid - not to get you all verklempt or anything. Also - love, love, love the Mack Monitor Video. Made me smile (which is hard to do).

    Thanks for sharing.

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