Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm not above giveaways

Look, I know that doing too much book promotion is going to make certain people want to punch me in the nuts, but look, that's just what's going on in my life right now.  I wish I had other bigger things to do or to think about but I don't.  Right now, IT'S JUST THIS.  It's a culmination of three and a half years of work and I am starting to see why being a publicist is a full-time job because oh my lord, all this stuff is time-consuming.

One small thing.  This is a good thing.  IT'S A PRESENT FOR YOU.  You know how I printed out these little bookmarks?  Seriously, they are adorable.  I want to shuffle them and smell them and build a little card house with them.  They are mini, but they are super cute, guys.  And I want to give them to you.  So how about this.  If you pre-order the book before May 11th, e-mail me, and give me your address.  On the publication date, I will mail you a personal note and a mini bookmark.  Tell me if you want a monkey one or a retro design one.  They are both super cute, I can't decide.  Include in your e-mail if you pre-ordered a print copy or an e-book copy.  I don't care, I just am curious what the breakdown is.  This is only for pre-orders, so if you're planning on buying the book but were waiting around for some reason until after it came out: don't.  Pre-order it, then e-mail me, I will send you a bookmark and a note.  Also, LOVE.

Why do I care about pre-ordering versus regular ordering?  It's all the same, right?  Someone's buying the book either way?  Well, I'm told that pre-orders figure into first week sales, and sometimes it's not so much the total number of sales as much as the velocity of sales (PHYSICS) that gains attention, creates momentum, and is the measure of whether or not the book is a success.  The first week is critically important.  So please, please, please, if you're going to buy the book anyway, do pre-order it.  Don't make me grovel, people, it's unseemly.

(Don't get me wrong, I will grovel, though.)

And now I will stop!  Because it's at this point (and I've seen it on other blogs too when the bloggers have books or projects coming out) that people start to groan that the blog has just turned into a self-promotion platform.  But seriously guys, think about it: could you really expect me not to talk about it?  If I didn't talk about it, it would actually be super-weird.  If I didn't want something I worked on so hard to do well, IT WOULD BE SUPER SUPER WEIRD.  Thank you.  Don't be mad.

Oh shit, I have to pack, my cab is picking me up in half an hour.  See you tonight, Iowa City!


  1. It's your life and your blog- no shame in your game. Just the few pages Amazon let me read left me wanting more. I remember my nursing school clinicals on the bariatric surgery unit- the horror of the guaiac will not soon be forgotten and you wrote it well.

  2. Anne S.4:34 PM

    Do you know if the book will be available in ebook formats that aren't Kindle? I want to preorder but it doesn't seem to be available on either Nook or iBooks.

    (I don't mean to sound like a snotty "I only want your book in my preferred format!" sort of person - I really will buy it either way! - but I'm hoping I can help your sales numbers and also get it in the format I want. :)

  3. I just preordered mine from amazon!

  4. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I think you should talk about as much, and as often, as you want to. If people don't want to read it, no one is beating them over the head making them do so. I am so excited for you! I have read this blog since the early years of your med school. Who ever thought, way back then, that it would all lead here? The only time I didn't care for your blog were some of the days when you were in your Peds residency. Looking back, I think you knew all along that Peds was not a good choice for you. But, those were the days before you became a mother. I think if you,right now, were in that residency you would be much better at it than you were then.

    I predict this book of yours is going to be a best seller. Why? Because you know how to keep people interested. Over the years your blog has made me laugh and cry and every emotion in between. Even when I wasn't always happy about what you said, I still read, and came back to read every blog post you wrote. I will certainly be pre-ordering this book. I am as excited (maybe more so) to get a signed note from you as I will be to receive the book. Best of luck to you Michele. You have worked hard and you deserve this!!!!


  5. Sherri5:05 PM

    Anne, I just pre-ordered it from for my Nook.

  6. Hi Michelle,

    Just a quick question - any idea why the release date on Book Depository is August 4th? It's just that international postage prices on Amazon are insulting and I want to pre-order it on Book Depository1

  7. Anonymous7:34 PM

    Not on Sony E-Reader! Pout... Ok real book format from Amazon...

  8. pre-ordered on kindle!! can't wait =)

  9. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Will you be sending bookmarks to international readers too?

  10. Renee8:38 PM

    I second Polly's comment. I preordered it on Book Depository purely for their free shipping and as of yesterday it said '105 days to go' I cant wait that long!

  11. Anonymous8:46 PM

    Michelle, for those of us who can't meet you, will you do any autographed book giveaways?

  12. Pre-ordered on the Kindle months ago!

  13. I have a question. So I've been hinting at my husband to pre-order the book, and that it would be a great mother's day present for me. Should I email you?

  14. Brit: sure! Go ahead! I'll send you a bookmark.

    Foreign readers: I would love to send you bookmarks--let me first investigate how much airmail postage would cost, but I'll do it so long as the price of postage is not prohibitive!

    E-book enthusiasts: Yes, I am told the book will be available in all e-book formats! Not sure how pre-ordering works on the Sony e-reader, but I know you can pre-order for Kindle and Nook.

    Thanks for the support, everyone! I got off the plane and my inbox exploding! I will send out the bookmarks and thank-you notes on the pub day.

  15. Oh, additionally:

    Not sure why the Book Depository shipping date is so different from the pub date. I could have someone from my end inquire.

    Also, absolutely I will do signed book giveaways. Let me talk to some people about logistics, I think we will probably have some sort of plan in the works.

    Thanks again!

  16. Anonymous2:32 AM

    Yeah please dont leave out your international readers. As it is we have to pay extra for the shipping already(thus the NOooooooo to amazon). Either way I will still get your book, but to have the bookmark will be even more fabulous! :D
    Have fun in Iowa.

  17. Lurkette6:04 AM

    I preordered on Book Depository ages ago. *preen* Remember me? I TOLD YOU about Book Depository. So please, please, please can we international groupies have a note and a bookmark, too?

    (Yes, grovelling is an international sport.)

  18. Anonymous9:15 AM

    Does it count if we pre-order from Or does it have to be from

  19. Yes, my international readership has been so supportive! International postage is about twice as much (80-98 cents for up to 1oz.) but that's not too too bad, so yes...bookmarks and notes for everyone! But remember, this is a limited time offer, bookmarks are only for pre-orders of the book before May 11th!

    Thanks everyone!

  20. If I pre-order will I have my copy when you come to Boston?? (wink wink)

  21. Hey Michelle, When I was searching for your book on Amazon, there was this other book listed under yours:

    I swear the cover was one of the early covers you had for your own book. Can't wait for your book to come out! :)

  22. Anonymous12:16 PM

    Michelle, if you can't post a video of your talks in Iowa, could you post your slides so we can get a glimpse of the panel?

  23. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Michelle, you got to meet my friends from Wayne State SOM (Making friends, meeting readers at the book fair! picture).


  24. This comment has been removed by the author.

  25. So I emailed Book Depository and got a TOTALLY unhelpful reply which doesn't even answer my question of why their release date is 3 months after the Amazon one. I think they just don't know what they are on about (unless the publication date is in August in the UK??). Sigh.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I have looked into this matter further for you. This order is not available from Amazon yet; it is due to be published in August. You are welcome to place a pre-order for it.

    Kind Regards

  26. I think there is supposed to be video of the talks, I will talk to the conference administrators about getting that video tomorrow.

    I could post my slides but they are totally unhelpful, they are just image cues, no actual words or information on them. Because I'm so EDGY in my PowerPoint, don't you know. :)

  27. Rachie Simmons8:15 PM

    I pre-ordered mine, but thinking of you having to go all the way to the post office and mail me a bookmark makes me feel greedy, so maybe I'll just make one for my book in your honor.

  28. Vicky9:59 PM

    Hi Michelle!

    quick question: I would like to pre-order the kindle version of your book, but are there any pictures in the actual book that wouldn't be translated over? I would hate to miss any cute family photos :)

  29. Hahaha...went to pre-order your book and they suggested that book that stole your cover too. Oh the irony!!!

  30. What about Amazon UK?

  31. Rachie: I'll be going to the post office anyway, one more envelope won't make a difference. Go ahead and e-mail me if you want to get one! Luckily since this is a limited time offer, I should only have to go to the post office once, on May 11th, when I drop off all the envelopes. HUNDREDS OF ENVELOPES. The post office people are going to think I'm mailing out wedding invites or something.

    VIckie: No, no pictures or figures in the book, just good old fashioned words. Haven't seen the e-book version yet but I imagine the fidelity will be high!

    Wang: Have not checked out Amazon UK yet but I imagine it's all in stock everywhere. If it's not, could you let me know?

    Thanks, everyone!

  32. Hey, this is probably something you/your publisher have thought about, but aren't the number of pre-orders affected by people who don't want to pay for shipping? (That is, since the price is less than $25, you wouldn't get free shipping from Amazon.)

  33. It actually is available for free super saver shipping on Amazon at the current price. So woo, free two-day shipping for all!

  34. Anonymous3:18 PM

    I think you spelt weird wrong...

  35. Hi! My friend and I have been following your blog for years and I'm planning on pre-ordering 2 copies from BookDepository, one for me and another as a gift for my friend. Will I be getting two bookmarks? Thanks and I'm sure your book will do well. ^_^

  36. Arrggghhhh.... Now I have to decide if I want the physical copy of the book (mmmmm... books, I love them) or the easier and new (for me) kindle copy of the book. This is the ONLY reason I haven't pre-ordered your book already.

    So, your bookmark offer is the PERFECT incentive to get me to decide. Ack! DECISIONS! Which will it be?! But I will choose this week and order my copy and email you!

    I hope Iowa was great!

  37. Its your blog, your book so go ahead and do the promo.

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