Thursday, April 21, 2011

on doctoring, mothering, and writing about both asked me to write a brief piece as part of their lead-up to Mother's Day (yes, it's a long lead-up, I know) about doctoring, mothering, and my inspiration to write.  I would have preferred to use the term "parenting" in the article, since my belief is that after the kid is actually born and weaned, ideally the the effort and act of fathering and mothering a child should be roughly equivalent.  However, it was for Mother's Day, so I was somewhat limited in my word choice.  But anyway, go read it over here.  I wrote it post-call at 2:00am, which, as you know, is when all the magic creativity fairies come out.  Or at least that explains why I start hallucinating them around that point.

I am flying out to Iowa City tomorrow evening, so make sure you're following my Tumblr mini mobile blog either from this page (check sidebar to the left) or at to get all the breathless and thrilling details of my travels, like How I Crammed That Luggage Into The Overhead All By Myself (file under "Tiny Triumphs") or How I Missed My Family So Much For The Two Days I Was Gone That I Cried In The Airport Bathroom.  Oh, and also join me in the cliffhanger excitement of my 50 minute layover at O'Hare.  Will I make my connection to Cedar Rapids Municipal?  Will there be Corn Nuts at the newsstand?  ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

See you in Iowa!  And don't forget, meetup Friday night at Sanctuary!  It's OK if you can't make it to the reading at Prairie Lights beforehand, just drop by afterwards, say hi, hang out.  Just don't trick me to getting into your murder van like Jame Gumb and we'll get along just fine.


  1. for a hallucination it was very well hallucinated! makes me even more impatient for the book! weeeee

  2. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Yes, Michelle--corn nuts will be everywhere. and I highly recommend the monster cookies at the 8th floor of the medical center cafe. My colleague Mindy is opening the new Patient Library (also on the 8th floor) if you are in the area. I don't think I can make it this weekend, but you never know.......Don't worry about Iowa City. It is a lovely town with lots of good people. I believe the cambus is still free so you can explore. As for Cedar Rapids, it is (was?) home to a Quaker Factory and when in production you can smell the cereal in the air!! (ps--I spend my Ohare layovers in customs--a fun place to people watch) Have a great time!!

  3. I also agree on your belief that once children are no longer infants the raising them is on both the mother and father and that people should use the term parenting.

    I am very excited for your book.