Saturday, May 07, 2011

mother's day 2011

Hey everyone!  Happy Mother's Day!

Cal made me a card this card at school.

Here's what was inside.

At first I thought he wrote that I was "3D," but then realized that he wrote that I am "32."  Well, both are technically correct.

This was a little off.  I'm not sure if he wrote that I weigh 15.5 or 155, but just for the record, the latter puts my BMI at almost 150.  Time to lay off the donuts, shorty.

Mother's Day is a little forced for my taste, and I would never mandate that anyone celebrate it, especially for my own sake, but since it is almost Mother's Day and the occasion presents itself, I would like to say that there's no better present than these two boys.

And if only I had some arms, I'd hug them both.


  1. Anonymous4:30 PM

    my preschool did something like this when we were young and my brother famously completed the sentence "your hair looks like _______ and your eyes are the color of________" with "sticks" and "mud" respectively. That card hangs in her office to this day!

  2. That is so cute!!! I love mack's threadless grizzly bear tee too!!

  3. Au-dorable, that is.
    Thanks for sharing, and happy mum's day!

  4. Anonymous5:29 PM

    I love that your favorite hobby is having people over for diner. :)

  5. medrecgal5:48 PM

    What an impossibly cute post! Now I'm just waiting for your book to show up in the mail!

  6. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I love that you do "computer work" around the house :)

  7. Ha, I know, right? My housewiffery is renown!

  8. mack seems to like smiling a lot more in photos these days!

  9. Anonymous4:28 AM

    This is the most adorable thing I've seen all week. I think it is cute he emphasized your doctorness...he's proud of you!

  10. Aaw simply adorable!

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  12. Happy Mother's Day!

    Big news! I went ahead and ordered your book on Book Depository and they have shipped it! It's winging its way to Australia as I type!! :)

  13. So sweet! Happy Mother's Day. I'm loving the book!

  14. aww that's an adorable card! now you know his perspective of you (in 3D too!) =) hope you have a delightful mother's day!

  15. Happy mother's day! My mother received a copy of your book as a present and she loves it. I also think it (finally) proved to her that her little Indian premed can become a doctor and still have an excellent personal life and everything :)

  16. Why Amazon, Why? Kindle edition isn't out yet, and I'm abroad!

  17. Happy Mother's Day! That card made me laugh to the point of tears, probably in some part due to the fact that equally hilarious descriptions of me can be found in the artwork/cards I have saved from when my kids were younger.


  18. I love the part where you're only 15" tall. You seem to be doing very well in spite of that limited stature... :-)

    Reminds me of a similar questionnaire my daughter brought home from kindergarten entitled "What does your Daddy do? What does your Mummy do?" during a time when I was a full-time author working from home.

    Under "Mummy", she had dictated to her teacher a long list of answers: "writes stories, picks flowers, bakes cookies..."

    Under "Daddy", however, there was only one line: "Makes copies for Mummy!"

    This was in the prehistoric days of electric typewriters and carbon paper. So every morning, my hubby would ask before he left for the office: "Do you have any copying you need me to do at work for you today?" And of course I always did - sending him off with a stack of papers to photocopy, whatever manuscript I'd been working on. That evening, he'd come back home announcing: "Here are your copies!" Ergo, his occupation....