Monday, May 02, 2011

spotted in the wild

You guys are awesome, you know that?  Here we go, the book out in the world.  My baby's all grown up!

In an extremely well-curated literary home in Iowa City. (Thanks, Amy!)

In the Union Square Barnes and Noble in NYC.  I included a zoom-out photo of this one (the reader actually very kindly sent three pictures) so you can see that it is shelved to hit that very key demographic, which is pathalogically short NCLEX-prep patrons.  (Thanks, Betty!)

Here, upstate, at a Pittsford, NY Barnes and Noble--at least it's on eye level here!  Or possibly the people in Pittsford are just taller. (Thanks Emily!)

This one's from a Powell's in Portland, OR.  Very handsome wood bookshelves there.  Our first sighting on the West Coast!  (Thanks, Stephanie!)

And this one from Worcester (yes yes, "Woostuh"), MA, which arrived in an e-mail with the subject "book sighting AND purchase!"  You can see the book looks quite happy in its new home, where some smart people clearly live. (Thanks to!)

Oh, and finally, this one.  Did you know that the book is exactly the right size to fit snugly in your white coat pocket?  THAT WAS ON PURPOSE GUYS.  (Not really on purpose.  Still, pretty neat.  Thanks to Caroline for this one!)

Very cool, guys!  Keep the submissions coming, or post on Twitter, Facebook, what have you. (Friendster? Remember when that was a thing?)  There's lot's more fun to be had.  I have yet to see one in the front pocket of a kangaroo for example--I know my Australian readers just have kangaroos just roaming all over their front yards.  Australia, right?  Boomerangs?  Dingos?  Uh..."The Wiggles"? Yes, take a picture of the book with Jeff Fatt from "The Wiggles," world's most famous Chinese man!  And let's not forget that dogs, babies and old people love to have their pictures taken with books.  It's in their DNA.  Not to mention local celebrities!  In fact, let me go find CNN's Sanjay Gupta, accost him, and force him to point at the book while giving a wink/thumbs-up right now.  The possibilities are endless!

(Oh, and to those people who read the book and reviewed it already, either on the retailer site or on Goodreads, thank you! It's that extra touch that means so much, and I cannot thank you guys enough for all the support and good humor.  Best readers on the internet!)


  1. Anonymous10:04 PM

    Your book came in the mail today...a day early! So excited, especially since I'm going on a trip tomorrow. Gonna have something to read on the plane :)

  2. Take a picture on the plane! And have a good trip! :)

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Mine just came in the mail today too! I'm SO EXCITED to read it but we currently have finals and then I'm off to Hawaii to cleanse myself off from the horrors of this 1st year of med school. Your book is definitely coming with me and I'll try to find a cool spot to take a picture of it! =)

    -MS1 (soon to be MS2) from CA

  4. Hawaii! I am jealous. Would love to go with the kids, but have to wait until they can either tolerate the 10 hour flight, or until I get my hands on some very, very powerful sedative drugs.

    Congrats on finishing your first year! It gets progressively more fun after that, I swear.

  5. got the book tonight and about to head to bed to start reading :) I was going to take a picture of the book with bard in the background, but realize all the MS1s probably beat me to it. will find another appropriate place tomorrow!

  6. Haven't received my book yet but when it gets here I'll try to find a kangaroo for you :)

  7. Would take a photo of it on my Mum's new Kindle - but no kindle sales outside the US yet!

  8. TIna, no one has sent me a picture outside Bard yet! DO IT DO IT! :)

  9. greens11:54 AM

    Got ours yesterday. My wife giggled to herself for 2 hours last night. Thank you.
    FYI we are both physicians and independently found your blog several years ago. It has been a great pleasure to follow along with your life and career as it has mirrored our own (we are 2 or 3 years ahead of you in our careers and 2-3 years behind in our family life) thank you for sharing

  10. Thanks, greens! Hope you get your turn to read it after your wife is done!