Monday, May 02, 2011

This is the last comic I did for The Wellesley News, and it's the last comic I'm going to put up here for a little while, mostly because of technical difficulties.  The hand-drawn originals of all the comics are on 9 x 12 inch paper, and I guess I must have had a bigger scanner bed in college, but I simply cannot get most of these comics to scan in my current scanner without getting the edges all chopped off.  It's maddening.  I'll probably put some more up at some point (though I do think that there are only a handful left that really stand up to the test of time) but for now, here's one of the least chopped off ones, which is to say that while the left border didn't get scanned, at least no words got truncated.

I know jokes are no longer funny if you have to explain them, but just a few things: roughly one in three juniors seemed to spend their junior years abroad, ad-hoc committees were what we called our super-earnest grassroots student government coalitions formed in the interest of stamping out injustices (or, in this case, reconstituted refried bean deficiencies), and "Schneider" was what we called our student center at the time.  Oh, and "Austin Powers" was a movie that everyone thought was funny and quoted incessantly, before it became a franchise, birthed too many sequels and essentially self-destructed.  The 90's!  They were simpler times.


  1. The 2000s were not that bad either. Everything was the same (juniors abroad, ad hoc committees, Schneider food) except that everyone was obsessed with Bridget Jones' Diary instead of Austin Powers. I still loved it.

  2. Anonymous6:40 PM

    I got your book today! I am trying not to read it until the weekend so I don't neglect my work duties, but I'm super-psyched. =) Congrats on the book!!

  3. Cheri7:24 PM

    Yay! My copy of the book came today! I'm so incredibly excited (and I'm starting it tonight).

  4. Ah, those were the days... ;)

  5. Anonymous9:11 PM

    I got my book today too! So exciting, and kinda surreal too (like the blog has come to life in my living room!). And you're getting good reviews on Amazon, Michelle! (I don't usually use so many exclamation points, but I think it's warranted here.) -- Wellesley '99