Sunday, May 01, 2011

vintage mau's moments: the bookstore

Woah, teenaged me, way to sock it to The Man!  If by "The Man" you mean THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE.  That'll show...someone!  Why is the character in this comic wearing a shirt and no pants? Because I was very heavily influenced by the "Jim's Journal" comic as a teenager, that's why.  (Also, "Alvin and the Chipmunks.")

I think I have said in the past that I thought at times Wellesley was a little humorless.  I think I even got asked about that in my interview with the alumni magazine.  And you know, it was a little humorless, but in the way that all colleges are kind of humorless, because everyone's just so young and earnest and full of idealism and WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING AND GOOFING OFF WHEN WE SHOULD BE KNITTING THESE HEMP SHAWLS FOR THE HOMELESS?  In that way, the first two years of medical school are kind of humorless too, before everyone realizes what a ridiculous proposition med school is, trying to take a regular person and turning them into Marcus Welby in a matter of four years.

So yes, Wellesley could be a little humorless at times.  But, you know what--I think that's OK.  If you can't be earnest and idealistic in college, when can you be?


(This is how I make a segue.  By shouting the word "segue."  As one does.)

Speaking of bookstores, if anyone has seen my book in an actual, physical bookstore, please take a picture and email it to me!  I know sometimes certain establishments get crazy about photography in the actual store (I'm not sure exactly why), so you may have to do a pretend-to-be-texting-while-actually-taking-a-cell-phone-pic move, but I would love to see the book on physical display, and am curious to see where it's going to be shelved.  Or, if you ordered your book online, take a picture with your copy or up on your e-reader and send that to me too!  We can have a gallery of places the book has been sighted and where it has been.  Extra points for taking a picture of the book either at the bottom of the sea or in outer space.  GO!

Edited to add: Hey! Check out an excerpt from my book featured on KevinMD! Why do people become doctors anyway, and what, exactly, is a scutmonkey?


  1. That was totally the Wellesley book store. If I see your book in my local bookstore, I will snap a pic!

  2. That would be awesome, thanks Melissa!

  3. Denise10:18 PM

    LOVE the comment about the bookstore selling illegal stuff to use. Also totally true outside of Wellesley. My undergrad sold candles of every color and scent...we were not allowed to light candles in the dorm room.

  4. Anonymous10:30 PM

    Love the excerpt! And my book is coming tomorrow....yay! Amy

  5. Caroline11:59 AM

    Remember when the Wellesley Bookstore was THE place to get Beanie Babies? (Remember when people actually collected those sad things?) I could never understand why they were sold on campus. Stay classy Wellesley!

  6. Natalie3:58 PM

    i just realized that after all this time, i never really knew what SCUT stood for. thanks for filling me in, michelle! and congrats on the book. i've been following your blog since med school and i'm just about done my training (writing my final licensing exam in 3 weeks). thank you for many years of great blogging! can't wait for what's to come. :)