Thursday, June 02, 2011

the cat's in the cradle

My baby is starting preschool on Monday.  MY BABY IS STARTING PRESCHOOL ON MONDAY.

Cal I was a little more worried about when he started school.  Cal is shy.  Cal is deliberate and reserved, which, in the caveman world of preschool, translates more to getting squashed on.  And Cal can be stubborn as hell about change.

But Mack is ready.  This kid is ready for school.  He was ready months ago.  Not that there's not going to be some transition (I still don't think he quite understands that the "school" part of school involves actually leaving him there all day) but he's going  to love it and he's going to make friends and he's going to thrive.  And honestly the only reservation I have about sending him on Monday is the fact that he's my baby, my little baby who was born just yesterday, so it seems, and I'm just not quite ready to let him go.


  1. Anonymous9:58 PM'll be okay, Mama! Love the expression in the last photo -- reminds me of William Shatner for some reason!

  2. They have dinosaurs! And giant legos! I'm sure Mack will be just fine.

    Mama might need some extra TLC for a while, though.

  3. He'll be just fine! "He who gets the coolest dinosaur rules over all the kids with less cool dinosaurs." :P

  4. School "starts" in June??? Is Cal doing school in the Summer too?

  5. christine1:55 AM

    love how newborn-Mack already perfected the quizzical frown - it's adorable! amazing how kids' personalities can start shining through from so early on.

  6. Anonymous3:18 PM

    he's not going to college, woman! not even kindergarten. it's just pre-school. he's not out of the house yet. calm down.

  7. Unlike Anonymous, I totally get how you're feeling. Although I ignorantly assumed that someone who works most days wouldn't feel quite so strongly since you're not used to having home with you all the time anyway. In any case, how did his first big day go?

  8. So exciting!!! My baby (girl, Sloane) was born 2 weeks before Mack and she starts preschool in September.

    I love cyber-stalking your life and can't wait to hear how Mack is doing at preschool. Thanks for sharing!

    (Btw, have almost finished the book and am LOVING it - have already recommended it to several friends and am going to make my mom read it next so she can FINALLY understand what I went through for all those years of med school and residency.)