Wednesday, October 06, 2010

send in the frowns (they're already heeeere...)

Someone in the comments section noted that Mack always seems to be frowning in photos, and I have a response to that. He is not always frowning in photos. He is always frowning ALWAYS.

It's not the sun or the wind or that fact that something weird is happening. That's Mack's default facial expression. Appalled. He's going to need Botox by the time he's twelve.

Of course, the overindulgent parent's excuse is just that he's extraordinarily thoughtful. Sometimes I think that. He certainly is deliberate. He studies things a lot. He's a thinker. Sometimes when he falls, he doesn't cry. He just sits there and considers how much it hurts and whether or not crying is worth it. And he frowns.

Or maybe he's pooping.

He's been doing this ever since he was born. Above is a picture of him at nine weeks. Already he can lift up one eyebrow in a disapproving expression. He's a savant. A savant of looking pissed. That's just what his face naturally does. Even when he's having fun. He can smile. He just prefers to frown.

So anyway, I guess there's not much point to this entry. But my kid is pretty cute. So there's a point. Carry on.

Obligatory advertising section

Plug the first: My editor informs me that my book will indeed be available as an e-book (for Kindle and whatnot) in May. So yay! I myself read 85% of my books in Kindle form now, so that excites me. I also read a lot more now that I have a Kindle equivalent, mostly because I feel that my threshold for buying books is a significantly lower, mostly owing to the immediate gratification factor. E-books are good, if you don't mind the screen.

Plug the second: However, a physical book is a beautiful thing--there are some books that I would not trade in for e-books just because I like to hold them and flip through the pages. I don't think my book deserves to sit on the same shelf as my 50th Anniversary hardcover edition of "To Kill a Mockingbird" or anything, but if you do want to preorder a physical copy, it appears that the price on Amazon has dropped from $24.99 to $16.49. Which is less. MATH. So you should buy one. You know, to keep in the bathroom or what have you. What else are you going to read in there, the instructions on your toilet paper packaging?


  1. Anonymous10:42 PM

    Michelle, I have been reading your blog since I was a 2nd year med student (now a PGY-IV!) and I love it. I just told my husband that I pre-ordered your book yesterday and he laughed, but he just doesn't get it. Your writing has made me laugh and relate for years. This post made me think- wow- those are the faces I picture my future kid making! Thanks for always making me smile! -Heather

  2. Anonymous10:59 PM

    Dr. Au,

    I love your sense of humor. The Best! Love your blog.

    Thuha NP

  3. He's adorable.

    And since he's a boy, he will probably escape a lifetime of strangers telling him, "SMILE, honey!"

  4. I really think you should make some autographed copies available for sale to your loyal readers. Because we are special. Thank you.

  5. Be happy that he's not a girl, otherwise the perma-frown could be a very real problem -- as CM alluded to above. Not that I have any personal experience with this....

  6. Anonymous3:19 PM

    I agree with Michele above. Autographed copies? :)
    Your kid is so adorable!

  7. Hi Michele - I actually went to Wellesley (Class of 98) and recognized your name when Sarah (of Shu Box) mentioned you in her post today - I still remember the Mau cartoons :) I love your blog. It is so honest. I started blogging as an outlet for creativity a couple of years into legal practice, but honestly I should have started sooner. Congrats on your book!

  8. Anonymous4:25 PM

    I have a perma-frown as well (seriously, my family says I wrinkle my forehead and frown even if I'm asleep). My biggest problem with it, so far, is that I almost get into fights because other people think I'm mad at them or something. Haha.

  9. I've been reading your blog since my DH was a mere [snark] Ph.D. medical school instructor...which profession he ditched after some years in favor of becoming a MD himself.

    Now in the thick of his transitional year (Yay! a REAL doctor!!! ;-), we both still love your blog (one of the few he still makes time to read), and I'll be getting the book for him for Christmas. (Hon, if you are reading this, please act surprised when you open it!) (note: i don't think he reads the comments!)

    anyway, you've done an imitable job as a student, wife, mother and professional. i love your perspective and outlook, and think you're terrific. Thanks for your years of writing! ♥, Blue

  10. Chiming in with all the other perma-frown posters you think perma-frowners are overrepresented in your blog readership? Hm, wonder why that might be. And yes, not being a girl (especially a girl raised in the South) will make Mack's life easier. Kid's got gravitas. It's cool.