Friday, September 12, 2003


Just got back from the Brooklyn Brewery, where we celebrated Andy's birthday. Good times. It was really quite a strange scene--it was a brewery, but there were kids and babies all over the place (carried in my trendster parents), and one person even brought their dog. Also, we kept bumping into people we knew. Brian was getting schmoozy with several ER attendings from the hospital who happened to be there, and I bumped into Veronica, a former classmate from high school and college. Honestly, I'm surprised I didn't see more Hunter people. They're everywhere you want to be.

Also, I've finally figured out the mystery of where the play "Rent" would be set if it took place in 2003 rather than the mid-1990's. The entire cast of the play would live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Of course, Williamsburg is the new Park Slope, which in turn was the new East Village. Now, apparently, Fort Greene is the new Williamsburg, or so I've been told. Or maybe it's Red Hook. Or maybe Dumbo is the new place to be, if the New York Times is to be believed. I don't know, I find it so hard to keep track of the migratory patterns of the transitory trendies. People just keep moving around from place to place to place, from one apartment to another. Whereas the very idea of moving makes me break into a cold sweat, so I don't think we'll be packing up our moving boxes and hiring a truck anytime soon.

But maybe the next time we move, it will be to Brooklyn. Especially if I don't win the lottery anytime soon.

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