Sunday, October 26, 2003

extra hour

It's only 1:45pm? How can this be? I mean, excellent to have the extra hour and all, but what to do with it?

Just watched "Blue Car," which was movie number two of the two-movie Unlimited Pass rental last night. I love you, Blockbuster Video, even if you don't have porn and support right-wing Bible-thumping causes! I had meant to watch "Blue Car" when it was showing at the Angelika this summer, but that would have meant taking the subway and putting up with the sub-par sound-system and the sound of subway trains rumbling by throughout the movie, and damn, ten dollars to see a movie? I have to pick and choose, pick and choose. But anyway, I'm glad I rented it, it was as good as the Times said it would be, even though I objected to the teen-pop-looking DVD cover that clashed glaringly with the plot of the movie itself. And what's with the rose? There was no rose in the story! It's a good enough movie on its own, it doesn't need to invite attention and comparisons to "American Beauty" by slapping a rose on the cover of the DVD.

Cooper is sleeping under my desk with her head on my foot. Now the question is, do I stay here until she moves, or wake her up so that I can go clean the can?

Oh, she just moved. There you go then.

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