Monday, November 17, 2003


In a thrilling last minute turn of events, my old college roommate Coleen has decided to come meet me in Cancun! This makes everyone feel better. Me for having a travel partner, and for not feeling quite so decadent (and lame) taking a trip by myself. My parents because now I can be a drug mule in jail with a friend. Joe because I would probably just be e-mailing him all day if I didn't have someone else to talk to. Coleen because now we finally get to have the bachelorette party we never threw before the wedding. Cheers!

But Jeers to the ultra-crabby Super in my building, who insists that I wait around in the apartment for him to come up and check the drain on our balcony, but refuses to give a time-frame in which he's set to arrive. Well, at least since I'm trapped in the apartment, I can start putting some of these wedding photos in albums.

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