Monday, November 17, 2003

maria's musings on "sweet valley high"

Oh, I forgot to include this excerpt from Maria's e-mail as a part of the "Sweet Valley High Memories" archive that I'm compiling. Hi, Maria!

I thought Robin was the only "ugly" girl of Sweet Valley High. Oh wait, Robin was "fat but with a pretty face" until she lost the weight to become the rival cheerleader to Jessica and thus becomes popular. Around the time I stopped reading, the Wakefield family was starting to become the dysfunctional family...the perfect dad started cheating on his perfect wife cuz she was doing great career-wise and he was doing shitty and hence, the jealousy. Shame shame. I remember always hating that they had a short summary describing the twins in the first chapter of EVERY FREAKING BOOK.'d think they'd figure that if you're reading Book #53, you'd know the characters already and not have to read the "sun-kissed hair" and "they share the red fiat" descriptions one more time.

I thought the one where Elizabeth undergoes personality change and back with conks of the head funny, too. Moral of the story: motorcycle riding is bad. You will become a slut and let some rich boy touch your booby.

Here's another story to add to your collection: Elizabeth wants to go to Switzerland and become the best writer in the world. But boohoo, Jessica doesn't want her to go and thus, dresses up like her (dowdy and serious...and gasp, she ties her hair back like Liz does!) and tries to scare off the interviewers that come. Liz decides that wow, since Jessica put so much effort into ruining her chances of going away, she can't tear herself away from her twin and thus stays. The end.

Thanks, Maria. That reminds me of the Sweet Valley High where Jessica dresses up as two different personalities (one of them has a blue streak in her hair, I think the other one wears a beret for some inexplicable reason) in order to land two different dates. There may have been a personals ad involved or something. But of course, madcap antics strike as she has to go on two dates at the same time! Luckily, she has (duh) an identical twin, and they spend the entire night switching off dates in this Chinese restaurant, and meeting up with each other to change costumes and identities in the bathroom. Not unlike "Mrs. Doubtfire." Oh, but they have complicated lives.

Keep your "Sweet Valley High" memories coming!

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