Tuesday, May 18, 2004

post-clinic call

Probably one of the more demoralizing things about being on-call (aside from, you know, actually being on call) is being on-call on your clinic day. Your clinic day should be a free day, a happy day, a play-doctor's-office day. You should see your patients, do good work, and go home. Having to return to the hospital after clinic is the ultimate defeat. Sometimes, when I head from clinic back to the wards, I limp a little bit, just because I'm so whipped.

Poor Mark had post-clinic call today, and didn't get back to the NICU until 7:15pm. By then, Ray, Jen and I had been waiting in the call room for two hours. Yeah, we all got out a little late, but I felt worse for him. At least we got to go home.

The thing that sucks about getting out of work so late is that you pretty much only have time to eat dinner and go straight to bed. But here are some pictures of this past Sunday to entertain you. As backdrop, Joe and I went to visit my grandmother in Queens, and then stopped by Home Depot for some furniture to furnish our newly finished balcony.

Joe and my grandmother this weekend in Flushing. (Flushing is where all the Chinese grandmothers live.)

Home Depot. (In case you can't read the gigantic orange sign.)

It was like some kind of "Mad Max" post-apocalyptic war zone in there.

Guess how much these chairs were each. Guess. Guess! OK, I'll tell you. They were ten dollars. Only ten dollars! At that price, we felt obligated to buy more than just four, but there was no room for them in the car.

Joe assembling our new patio furniture. (Look closely, he's under the table.) Yes, that's the Empire State Building. If you know the Murray Hill/Kips Bay area, you can pretty much figure out where we live from this photo.

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