Monday, May 17, 2004


We just got this e-mail flier from the Chiefs that Avril Lavigne is going to be performing at our hospital this week. I guess it's some kind of obligatory philanthropic thing. Her appearance, which will take place in the hospital lobby, is sandwiched between the acts of of famed violin prodigy Midori and an autistic teenage pianist with total recall and perfect pitch. Not Avril's usual lineup company, to be sure, but who cares? Avril Lavigne! True, she is pseudo-badass, but in the context of the hospital, she will be so garishly out of place that she may actually assume the mantle of real badass!

The Chiefs said in their e-mail that they were especially excited about Perfect Pitch Autistic Girl, but of course they have to say that. Everyone knows that while it's cool to be able to sing a perfect F-sharp or be all famed for your fiddling skills, but to kids, having been on TRL trumps everything. Too bad my preemies can't enjoy it. Maybe I'll scoop up a couple of them, put them in my pockets, and head on down to the performance. "I'd like to give a shout out to all my babies in the NICU, and I'd like to request the song 'Complicated,' because that's what all your hospital courses have been like! I love you Avril! Woooo!"

Currently reading: Coleen's wishlist on "Bullets Over Broadway"? I approve. (Don't speak.) Also, "Look At Me". Great book. I read it on my honeymoon and couldn't put it down, much to Joe's dismay.

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