Saturday, June 05, 2004

500 bottles

We woke up this morning to the sound of a bottle of Red Stripe shattering, after leaving most of the empties out on the balcony last night because we were too tired to deal with the whole cleanup process. I think that everything is pretty much back to baseline now, though. We have many large bags of beer and wine bottles that I'll carry down to the recycling bin later today in a clinking cacophany of post-party detritus. I hope I don't bump into anyone in the elevator.

I'm not usually the type who enjoys large parties, but I had a great time last night. I always get anxious when we have parties, probably stemming from residual childhood fears that no one likes me, so no one we invite will actually show up. Luckily, at least people like Joe. He's just this very friendly guy. He even invited our neighbors to the party, which is a concept completely foreign to the Manhattanite in me. Invite neighbors to our house? This ain't no Melrose Place, boy!

I also get anxious when so many people from different parts of my life are thrown together. What will they talk about? Will they hate each other? Be bored? Between the high school friends and the college friends and the med school friends and the resident friends (also throw Joe's friends into the mix--only our med school friends overlap) there were a lot of people who had never met before. So there's a lot of scanning the party, making sure that everyone has someone to talk to and that no one feels left out or ignored. Luckily, people most people have some modicum of social skill and were mingling quite nicely, but still I get worried about these kinds of events, like it's my fault if someone's not having fun.

I worry too much. I could definitely worry myself out of enjoying our own party. Luckily that didn't happen. We had a lot of fun, and this morning we cleaned it all up and made Egg McMuffins for breakfast. Because after a night like last night, you have to eat Egg McMuffins.

Currently watching: "Monster," aka "The Movie Where Charlize Theron Uglifies Herself". Well, that was depressing. I don't think that the movie itself was that great, and Christina Ricci was a big disappoinment, but Charlize Theron's performance was inarguably amazing. Not overrated at all. But now I have that Journey song stuck in my head.

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