Friday, June 04, 2004

coop o'clock

Now that I'm on vacation and sleep in every single day, I realize that the dog has fantastical time-telling powers. How do I know this? Because every single morning this week, rain or shine, regardless of what time we went to bed, regardless of the last time she ate or was walked, she whines to wake me up at 8:45am on the dot. ON THE DOT. This morning was a test, since I didn't get home until past 1am last night, and Last Call (her pre-bedtime bladder emptying excursion) was similarly late at night. Surely she would sleep in this morning, right? Nope. 8:45am, "Whee whee whee whee." Imagine this coupled with this most pathetic look on her face, like, "I would like to start my day, please, if only my fucking lush of an owner would drag herself out of bed and take me out." Pushy bitch.

Today my task is going to be readying our apartment for this party we're having tonight. To assist myself in the preparations, I have a little checklist of stuff I need to do, intern-friendly with little boxes that can be shaded in halfway (bisected at the diagonal) for partially completed tasks, and completely blackened for tasks that are totally done. I don't know what I find so pleasing about shading in the checkboxes. Getting through the tasks on my list, sure, that's satisfying, but I think there's something more than that, something in the act of the shading itself. Maybe it's all the standardized testing that I've had to go through. It's like I'm making my own bubble sheets.

Currently reading: "The Dogs of Babel". But I still haven't gotten very far, since I'm not commuting two hours a day on vacation. Pain in the ass as it may be, a long commute can be a huge boon for getting through your reading list.

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