Tuesday, October 19, 2004

behold, i have a camera

I took some photos walking through my neighborhood the other day. Not to glamourize my ability to point and shoot or anything like that. The even more unglamorous part of this story is that I was walking to Teriyaki Boy for lunch. It's the Wendy's of Japanese food. But it's still Japanese food.

DSCN2603 modified.jpg
DSCN2607 modified.jpg
DSCN2605 modified.jpg
DSCN2602 modified.jpg

The other reason for my posting the photos, pseudo-artistry aside, is that I wanted to try this new photo-posting service that I found online. See how nice, you can click on the thumbnails to see the big version pop up. So clever, and so handy. Thanks, technocrats!

Today I had a meeting with my advisor for the elective I'm working on this month. In brief, I'm going to be tuning up a didactic on pain-management and sedation for the program's "Web-Based Curriculum." Read: I'm going to be doing some advance-reading for anesthesia. So anyway, I was supposed to meet with this attending to go over my project. So I packed myself up and went all the way uptown to his office. The hospital is an hour away by public transportation. Did I mention it was raining? Well it was. And when I finally got to his office, the attending wasn't there. So I paged him.

(Over the phone)
Hi, [attending]? I'm here. We were supposed to meet?

Oh yeah! I forgot that I loaned out my office for some other meeting. I'm actually not even in the hospital right now.

Yeah, but...I am.

Well, do you know what you want to work on for your elective?

Yeah, I thought I might tune up the Pain Management didactic. I have some ideas about adding a section about sedation...

Great! E-mail me your work when you're done, and I'll look it over! Gotta go!
(Hangs up)

And then the one hour commute back home. In the rain. With no umbrella. Well, that was a pointless trip uptown. If I had know that would be the extent of the "meeting," I would have just called him from home. I do have a phone here. (Incidentally, I also have an umbrella, but I seem to have some pathalogic inability to bring it out with me, even when I know it's raining.)

Adding to my growing list of Old People Medical Terms I Haven't Heard Since Med School (OPMTIHHSMS): Polymyalgia rheumatica. Waldenstroms hypergammaglobulinemia. Plain-old prostate cancer. Ah, the amazing ability of the human brain to forget.

Currently reading: "Blackwell's Underground Clinical Vignettes, Clinical Science Color Atlas." Mmm, gory.

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