Friday, October 15, 2004

post-clinic call

Thanks to Jenn for translating my shirt! Now I know that it is not about child molestation, rather about martial arts and kicking ass. And now I can actually wear it out of the house without an obscuring pullover.

I have clinic all day today but am on call tonight. My last PICU call. Kids, just stay alive for twelve more hours, that's all I'm asking you.

That "Inconsiderate Cell Phone Man" jingle keeps running through my head. You know the one they play at the movies before the previews? "Marty, you're a joker!" I love that commercial. I must have seen it 20 times by now, and I still laugh every time at that line. I may actually be seeing the commercial for the 21st time this weekend, because Joe really wants to see this new movie "Friday Night Lights," which I'm not overly enthused about because 1.), and 2.) creepy Billy Bob Thorton, but I am willing to make a spousal concession.

Currently reading: "The Fortress of Solitude." Is this book supposed to get good at some point? This book irks me a little in that I get this feeling that the author is one of those nouveau Brooklyn bohemes that think they're too cool for school. But I will keep reading and give it some more time to take.

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