Sunday, October 17, 2004

studying, kind of

Man, when was the last time I had to really study for something? Probably two and a half years ago, when I crammed for a week before taking Step 2 of the Boards. I just don't think I have that kind of discipline anymore, to sit down for long stretches of time and just study. I'm looking back over some of my med school notes and I just can't believe I ever knew so much stuff. I wonder if, had I taken Step 3 two years ago, I would do better than I'm going to do now. Sure, I didn't have the practical knowledge base that I have now, but I knew pathophysiology and pharmacology and obscure syndromes up the yin-yang.

Well, the countdown is on. I take Step 3 next Monday, which means I have one week to whip this old brain into shape. (Cue "Rocky" theme. Yes, there's my brain jumping up and down on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.)

Currently reading: "Blackwell's Underground Clinical Vignettes, Internal Medicine, Vol. 1." My study philosophy is simple, and that is remind myself that there are adult patients in this world.

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