Tuesday, December 21, 2004

mmm, jesus

Overheard on the local news, from the TV playing in the local deli as I was picking up a soda:

"And, after the break, what's being marketed as 'the perfect Christmas preset'. A candle that smells...like Jesus."

Which begs the question: What exactly does Jesus smell like? Frankincense and myrrh? Like leather? Or maybe more like Drakkar Noir?

Currently reading: Finished "Sideways," and it was OK, though nothing all too special. I do like that it explored the dynamics of male friendship though, it's too often ignored in favor of jockery and machismo that counterfiets for real closeness. Now I'm reading "The Kite Runner," which was a recommendation from one of my co-residents. Reading it on the subway yesterday, I looked overand saw that the lady sitting directly across from me was reading the exact same book. Only she was almost done with it. So I guess it's good, then.

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