Wednesday, December 05, 2007


After last year's back and forth about fake tree versus real tree, settling on the real tree ended up being...not a success. What's the opposite of success? Oh, yes, failure. It was a failure. The tree held up well enough for the holiday season itself, but soon afterwards we kind of forgot to keep watering the thing, and it turned itself into a pile of pine-scented potpourri. Thinking that perhaps the cold would revive it somehow, we then put the tree outside on our balcony, where it continued the less-than-beautiful dying process and was finally tossed out at the end of the summer. So, this year, fake tree it is.

Cal was really excited about the idea of tree this year. They put up the Christmas tree in our lobby a few days ago, and he literally stopped in his tracks with wonder when he saw the thing, all lit up and shiny. The balls! The brightly colored balls! So for his sake, we made an effort not to wait until the last second to get our holiday decor set up this year.

He was indeed very interested in the tree and the ornaments, especially initially, but for the part of the evening that Joe and I really thought he would enjoy, you know, the actual decorating portion of our program, Cal was more interested in playing with the box that the tree came packaged in. He kept climbing into it any lying down in it, which, due to the dimensions of the box, kind of make him look like a little tiny vampire getting in and out of his coffin. Wrong holiday, man.

The funniest part was--well, the box had MADE IN CHINA printed all over it. So the first time Cal climbed into the box, Joe made some joke about how we were sending him back to China, making a big show about packing him up and whatnot. So for the rest of the night, Cal kept tugging at me to watch him "go back to China," getting in and out of the box. Say hi to the old country for me, boy.