Tuesday, November 28, 2006

fried liver

Yesterday was my first day back from vacation, so of course I was on overnight call, because that's the way that residency works to remind you that it OWNS YOUR SOUL. However, it was a good call, becauase I finally got to do a liver. My first liver! Thank god. I was feeling left behind.

Getting a liver transplant while on call is pretty hit or miss, so there are some people in my class that have done a few already, and others like me (up until last night) that still haven't done any. Everytime you're on call you're playing those odds, like lotto. Well, I guess it happens a little more frequently than having your numbers come up in lotto. I guess it's more like getting one of those fortune cookies with two fortunes in it. It's a little more than you bargained for, but you'll eat it anyway. Anyway, woo! Two fortunes!

This was a good "starter liver," as I like to call it. Sure, the patient needed a liver transplant, but she wasn't really really really sick, like some of these patients can be. So I got to go through a whole liver start to finish and just concentrate on learning the routine and the lines and the meds, getting a feel for the physiology without all the stress that that patient's going to DIE. Dying is not good for morale.

As an added bonus, I was in bed by 2am, and now I'm home and waiting for Cal to wake up so we can go to music class. Not bad.

Currently reading: "Big Blue." Anesthesia board review. I split it up into three little binders so I can carry it around more easily, but it's still, you know, big.